Terezín Declaration - Ten Years Later


Terezín Declaration - Ten Years Later

On June 18 – 19, 2019 the 7th International Conference on Nazi looted cultural assets organized by the Documentation Centre of Property Transfers of the Cultural assets of WW II Victims will be held in Prague. The title of the conference reflects its goals of commemorating the tenth anniversary of the Terezín Declaration and evaluating recent progress in matters concerning cultural assets spoliated during the Second World War.

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Documentation Centre for Property Transfers of the Cultural Assets of WW II Victims, p.b.o.

is a public benefit organization researching historical and economic issues of the ‘Aryanization’ of Jewish property (mainly art works), and carrying out heuristic research in Czech and international archives and in the acquisitions records and inventories of individual museums and galleries (made possible by the Centre’s close cooperation with the Czech Ministry of Culture).

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