Research Report Request

All persons from whom movable cultural assets were confiscated during the Second World War, or the descendants of these persons, may contact the Documentation Centre (regardless of the country in which they reside). Persons requesting research reports must fulfil the conditions set out in the relevant Czech legislation (Act no. 212/2000 Sb. on the alleviation of certain property-related injustices caused by the Holocaust).

Act no. 212/2000 Sb. applies to works of art currently in state ownership which were taken from individuals (i.e. not from institutions) between 29 September 1938 and 4 May 1945. Restitution claims may be submitted by direct lineal descendants of the original owners (hereafter “applicants”).

Law 212/2000 Coll.: Law 212/2000 Coll. (PDF – in Czech)

Applicants may act in their own name or on behalf of other persons to whom the above-cited restitution legislation applies. If the applicant is acting on behalf of another person, s/he must submit a power of attorney issued by said other person.

Contacting the Documentation Centre

To make the first contact with the Documentation Centre, you can send a letter or an e-mail to the address below:

Centrum pro dokumentaci majetkových převodů
kulturních statků obětí II. světové války, o.p.s.
Čs. armády 34/828
160 00 Praha 6
Czech Republic
Telephone: +420 603 787 100

The Documentation Centre will inform applicants of the receipt of the research report request.

The request process is free of charge; the only requirement is a legally certified (notarized) copy of the applicant’s identity document. For the purposes of the request process it is not necessary for the applicant to be represented by a lawyer.

Request for a research report for the purposes of submitting a restitution claim:

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Instructions for applicants:

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Power of attorney:

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